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"It's kind of like an album of acoustic covers of punk songs written by a witch house group." - Kevin Murphy


released February 13, 2014

Songs written by Philip Hirzel

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Drum Machine - Philip Hirzel
Bass, Synths - Tim Chimes
Mixing & Mastering - Chimes Audio



all rights reserved


Wailing Whales Cleveland, Ohio

From the depths the Wailing Whales arise. A folksy rock group with grooving lo-fi inclinations and conceptual lyrics, we ramble and rock and get you on your feet.

Indie folk-rock with true grit.

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Track Name: Cold Embrace
If you listen late at night you may hear
Something call out in the darkness, it’s frightening, but do not fear
These things do not mean you any harm
They just need to feel something warm

And try
Not to cry
For your howls
Will give no comfort to these guys

These ghouls just need some resolution for themselves
Eternally seeking absolution from their hell
They’ll reach out with their bony hands
Stretching out over these hallowed lands

And we’ll run
And they’ll chase
There’s no escape
Hand in hand let’s meet our fate

And I know it seems wrong to
Take the devil’s side
But you must understand and
Open up your mind

Evil comes in many shapes on this Earth
The undead they need love just like anyone else
To feel that care, to caress your bare skin
Open that door, they’ll walk in.

And take you down
Underneath the ground
Hold you close and say
“I’ll keep you till judgement day"

And I know it seems wrong to
Take the devil’s side
But you must understand
We’ll all burn for our pride
Track Name: In This Home
Take all the antiques from my home cause they’re shuttering and moving on their own. At night they wail like a tempest gale, and I can barely contain my fear, so take all the antiques from my home. At night I see some shadow hauntingly lapse like a memory, or a visionary glimpse over the sea, and it’s killing me.
Close all the windows in my home so I will make no mistake those movements are on their own. That passing touch, that shivering lust at knowing something else is living with me in this home.
Just when I get to sleep that's when I hear those footsteps start to creep, and as the hair rises up on my arm; I cannot move for fear that it means harm. I don’t think I’ve done any wrong, but this lingering sense death won’t be long is starting to affect me.
Why does this spirit haunt me?
I swear since she passed I’ve lived alone, but now I hear her voice seep from the phone.
So pour that gasoline onto my home, if it won’t let me be, then I’ll just roam. I’d rather live with nothing than to see this drive me mad, so pour that gasoline onto my home.
Track Name: Spitting Out Ghosts
I crashed my car
On the way to your wake
The snow was falling on my face
And by the time they pulled me out
You were buried below

And I'm sorry that I miss you
But i don't know what to do
These high school yearbooks preserve our youth
See I'll grow old
But you'll stay the same
Does that hardly seem fair?

My wife, she worries
That I think too much about the past
But I know it's gonna haunt us some day
And when it does
And the TV spits out ghosts
I'll see you engraved on my eyes

And I'm sorry that I miss you
But I don't know what to do
These high school yearbooks preserve our youth
See I'll grow old
But you'll stay the same
Does that hardly seem fair?

And I'm scared
That someday I'll meet you there
And it won't be as great as what I'd thought
See I've changed, but you stayed the same
I know it sucks
Track Name: Dearly Departed Apparition
I was just nineteen, full of life
When I scattered all my brains
At the time it seemed right to do
But now I know it was insane
When they lowered my into the ground
My mother cried out my name
But there’s nothing she could do.

Then I felt some grace try to pull me up
But I fell half-way down

When your skin turn to dirt
When your thoughts turn to air
When you see your own body disappear
When there’s no more use for prayer

When you see all will come to be

Sometimes I mistake my rotting lungs
As fighting movements for life
But my heart beats no longer
My brain thinks no longer
Of existential strife

And it all seems
Rather fruitless now.
I’m a ghost, nothing more now.

Track Name: Wailing Like a Banshee
I’m screaming like a banshee
I’m tearing through the sound waves
I’m digging up some old graves
Looking for my love

I’m shouting like a madman
Look dumber than a caveman
I'd swear on my old man
Just to see her face


I’m screaming like a banshee
Missing parts like an amputee
I’d usurp any queen bee
If it meant she’d be back with me

I’m crying like a sad fool
Doesn’t know what to do
Think I’m going cuckoo
God I miss you


It’s been so long since I’ve seen her face
I’m stripped and spent, washed up disgrace
I’m a vagabond, lost in babylon
She used to hear me sing
Now it only stings


I wailing like a banshee
Until she’s here with me.
Filled up on whiskey,
I’ll wait by the willow tree

She’s not here but she’ll be back
I know this for a fact
Unless my heart suffers some attack
I’ll wait for the final act

Track Name: Psycho
Norman just wanted his mother’s love
Is that so wrong?
But when he killed all those pretty girls
I feared he might have gone


Way up that hill in that motel
He’d show them to their rooms
Then he’d show them the meaning of hell
His madness in full bloom


Do you think he feels a little bad
After all he’s done?
Can he even feel a little bad
After all he’s done?

Track Name: Ghoul.
These ghouls
Are blowing on my neck
Clawing for a check
To keep them off my back

Be sure
If I don't they'll never go
And they'll cackle in my ear
Remind me of all I regret

These aren't my friends
Just a means, to an end
Just a fool's idea of a life
And they cry every night
When I flip on the light

Atlas held up the weight
The whole wide world in freight
Just to prove he could
But I'm not strong as that dude
I'll play an interlude
But I'll never take the stage

I'm a joke over told
I'm a line most forgot
I'm lingering on the tip of all your tongues
And I'm sure I don't taste good
But be sure to knock on wood
I could be a ghoul soon.
Track Name: By Way of Blood
Well as I take a draw
Of the blood from her throat
Pools in a red colored moat
As the sun rises now
I hide in umbra and shade
The darkness comes to my aid
I sneak back underground
Wait till the next night rounds

And I will strike my prey
And take their lives for my own
It's all I’ve got
You’ll try to hunt me down
The throngs will accrue

Little do you know, I knew love once too

These worms should eat all my flesh
I’ve been dead for so long
Older than rhyme and song
Now I feel next to nothing
Except desire for more
A monster to abhor
Although I cannot regret
I must exist in sunset

And I will float on by on my
Pitch-black wings through the sky
With my ghastly sigh
After all this time I forgot how to be like you
Is it all my fault?

Or are you cursed too?

Spread my arms
Feel that burn from the sun as it’s coming now
Take me away
Higher than I’ve ever flown
Or deeper than I’ve gone
I don’t care

I can't live by blood anymore.
Track Name: Goblin Dance
I once knew a girl
The color of the world
But they took her in the night
For the Goblin Dance
The moon’s rising now
The moon is rising now
Soon it will commence
The Goblin dance

The fire’s rising high
In the sky and in I
Waiting at the edge
Of the Goblin dance
They throw in their prey
By the flame my girl lay
I cannot turn away
From the Goblin dance

The chatter and they pray
I wait in the fray
They bob and they sway
Starts the Goblin dance
I step out of the night
By my lady in the light
I’m ready to pay the price
Do the Goblin Dance